Coral Wombs blossom within Blue Ecologies (2021)

“Environmental Melancholia”
College Arts Association of America, Inc. New York
13 February 2021

Artistic-Cultural Interventions in Design (2019)

Nuqat Regional Conference 2019
The Eye – Avenues
22-25 November 2019


“Invited Talk”
Raza Foundation, India International Center
17 April 2019


“Invited Talk”
Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University
16 April 2019

Towards a Shared Existence (2019)

“Invited Talk”
The School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University
15 April 2019

Deriving from the Roots (2018)

Panel III, “Interdisciplinarity Disruption and Challenge”
Between Interdisciplinarity and the Expanded Field School of Arts
Aesthetics, University of Wolverhampton
8 October 2018

Identifying Challenges (2018)

GUST design and teaching students to collaboratively identify pressing local environmental issues and propose sustainable solutions to design an educational toolkit for high school educators, GUST University, TEDx Global Day
23 September 2018

The Role of Art and Design in Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability (2016)

“Unconferencing on the Couch@REUSE 2016 Jawa Corner”
Dar Al Athar Islamiyah, Yarmouk Cultural Center Kuwait
1 – 2 April 2016

Wildlife of Kuwait’s Coastal Habitats (2016)

“The First Forum on Wildlife in the State of Kuwait” 
The Centre for Marine Sciences Kuwait University
23 March 2016

Re-veil to Reveal Amrita-Sher-Gil (2016)

American University of Kuwait
24 February 2016

Re-veil to Reveal Amrita-Sher-Gil (2016)

Box Hill College Kuwait
2 February 2016

Re-veil to Reveal Amrita-Sher-Gil (2016)

University of Wolverhampton
13 January 2016

Art for the Community and Landmarks 4 (2015)

Al Liyah Preserved Area for the “Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Desert Ecosystem” Environmental Initiative
Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research Kuwait
4 March 2015

Art for the Community and Landmarks 3 (2014)

“World Environment Day”
Arab Open University of the Middle East
27 November 2014

Art for the Community and Landmarks 2 (2014)

“World Habitat Day”
UN Habitat
20 November 2014

Art for the Community and Landmarks 1 (2014)

“Upcycled Art Workshop”
Env. and DOW  at Beit Sadu
1 May 2014

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